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For one semester courses in Curriculum & Instruction on teaching art to elementary school studentsThe Art of Teaching Art presents a rich display of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and appreciation experiences inspired by young artists. In Professor Szekely's opinion, young artists forecast the art world of the future and require a timeless curriculum based on learning from children. Elementary and early childhood art education students will learn how to preserve and enhance young artists' creative efforts. The Art of Teaching of Art displays the authors observations of children's home arts and how they can form the foundations for school art practice. Vivid portraits of creative moments in children's lives are described: home innovations, collections, and beautifications as sources of inspiration.
Editora: GIN PRESS
ISBN: 9780536005724
ISBN13: 9780536005724
Edição: 1ª Edição - 1998
Número de Páginas: 410
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
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