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From Riga to Kurzeme, and from Vilnius to Aukstaitija, this guide to the Baltic States covers it all. Illustrated with hundreds of full-colour photographs and 11 maps you won't want to leave without it. The places section contains a region-by-regionbreakdown; with top attractions highlighted and cross-referenced to detailed local maps. Incisive essays on each island's history, people and culture provide background on everything from folklore to its rich tradition in arts and literature. The best of the Baltics section features magazine-style, illustrated double-page spreads, giving a handy overview of each region's highlights, from its world-heritage cities to its crafts and local markets. A travel tips section includes practical listings,including accommodation, restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes, entertainment, nightlife, transport and essential contact addresses and numbers.
ISBN: 9812586032
ISBN13: 9789812586032
Edição: 2007
Número de Páginas: 300
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
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