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The brand gap is the first book to present a unified theory of brand. The second edition features a 220-term brand glossary and a premium softcover binding. Whereas most books on branding are weighted toward either a strategic or creative approach, this book shows how both ways of thinking can unite to produce a charismatic branda brand that customers feel is essential to their lives. In an entertaining two-hour read you’ll learn:a new definition of brand;the five essential disciplines of brand-building;how branding is changing the dynamics of competition;the three most powerful questions to ask about any brand;why collaboration is the key to brand-building;how design determines a customer’s experience;how to test brand concepts quickly and cheaply;the importance of managing brands from the inside;The Brand Gap is an AIGA Design Press book published under Peachpit's New Riders imprint in partnership with AIGA.
ISBN: 0321348109
ISBN13: 9780321348104
Edição: 2ª Edição - 2005
Número de Páginas: 208
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
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