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'Business Analysis with Microsoft Excel', Third Edition, provides in-depth information that will streamline your use of the tools within Excel. Professional advice and guidance from an experienced author provide the answers to the most pressing questions: What’s the relationship between my cost of goods sold and my inventory? How do I get Excel to keep these values up-to-date on my income statement and my balance sheet? I have to track service quality over time. How can I automate that using Excel charts? How can I forecast future demand for my products, based on prior sales results? What’s the difference between financial leverage and operating leverage? How do I calculate them using my financial records? I need to project my financials for next year. Does Excel have a tool for that? What do I need to know to use it effectively? How do I do all these things using the new Ribbon in Excel 2007? What are the best ways to automate a connection between Excel and an external database?
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ISBN: 9780789736642
ISBN13: 9780789736642
Edição: 3ª Edição - 2007
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