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Chemistry is a branch of physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties andchange of matter. In molecular sciences, a molecule consists of a stable system composed of two ormore atoms. Molecules are made up of atoms that are held together by chemical bonds. These bondsform as a result of the sharing or exchange of electrons among atoms. The text Chemistry and MolecularSciences: Advances covers most of the innovative issues in chemistry and molecular sciences. Firstchapter discusses on molecular modeling and MM-PBSA free energy analysis of endo-1, 4- -xylanasefrom ruminococcus albus 8. The e ect of amphipathic HIV fusion inhibitor peptides on POPC and POPC/cholesterol membrane properties has been investigated in second chapter. The purpose of thirdchapter is to introduce the basic background of the di usion coe cient measurements using NMRspectroscopy, as a routine set of applications in the area of molecular separation. A molecular dynamicssimulation study of two dipeptide based molecular micelles has been presented in fourth chapter.Fifth chapter reports on a molecular dynamics simulation study of ions at the water/vapor interface. Insixth chapter, we use uorescence and UV-vis absorption spectroscopy together with moleculardynamics simulations to investigate the interaction between gallic acid and lysozyme. In vitro selectionof single-stranded DNA molecular recognition elements against S. aureus alpha toxin and sensitivedetection in human serum has been discussed in seventh chapter. In eighth chapter, we discussmolecular dynamics simulation on the conformational transition of the mad2 protein from the opento the closed state. Comparative analysis by far-infrared and ultraviolet induced polymerization hasbeen revealed in ninth chapter. A molecular dynamics study of the structural and dynamical propertiesof putative arsenic substituted lipid bilayers has been proposed in tenth chapter. Eleventh chapterdiscusses on molecular d
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