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Computational and Numerical Simulations handles the recent research devoted to numerical simulations of physical and engineering systems. It presents both new theories and their ap-plications, showing bridge between theoretical investigations and possibility to apply them by engineers of different branches of science. Numerical simulations play a key role in both theo-retical and application oriented research. Computational modeling and Monte Carlo simulation of soft errors in flash memories have been discussed in first chapter. Experimental determinations and numerical simulations of the effects of electromagnetic interferences have been proposed in second chapter. Third chapter presents a hybrid of asynchronous and synchronous processes for tracking sparse large scaled mean field dynamics of sparse connectivity for problem solving. A detailed investigation of the radiation sensitivity of JL-DGFET by 3-D numerical simulation has been described in fourth chapter. Computer modeling of radial-direct extrusion of porous powder billets has been proposed in fifth chapter. Sixth chapter focuses on the effect of variation of the pipe di-ameter for a constant Reynolds number applied to vertical particulate turbulent pipe flows. In seventh chapter, we deal with RSTM numerical simulation of channel particulate flow with rough wall. Numerical modeling of a cutting arc torch has been introduced in eighth chapter. Ninth chapter discusses the unsteady flowfield characteristics over blunt bodies at high speed. The objective of tenth chapter is to develop a methodology for creation of sets of results obtained from appropriate model experiments and their numerical representations. Eleventh chapter describes processor-in-the-loop simulations applied to the design and evaluation of a satellite attitude control. The applications of the liu and murakami damage model for creep crack growth predictions in power plant steels have been discusses in twelfth chapter. Proper generalized decomp
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