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When Flip Lochner, a seedy, tired journalist fleeing a failed marriage, sees a beautiful woman with four breasts in Devil's Valley, he thinks it's a mirage. But then a man called Lukas Death stands before him. So begins Lochner's search for "the truth" first hinted at by a young student in Capetown who was mysteriously killed. Lochner meets Lukas Death's clan, where righteousness prevails by day and depravity by night, where punishment for misdemeanors is summary, yet brutal murderers walk unscathed. Everyone has a story, and yet no one tells the story, the story of Little-Lukas and Emma, the woman with the four breasts-the uneasy reminder of a secret hidden collectively by the valley people. Nothing in 'Devil's Valley' is as it seems: the supernatural is an ingredient of everyday, the living and the dead are never quite separate, the grotesque coexists with the banal.
Editora: VINTAGE
ISBN: 0099273128
ISBN13: 9780099273127
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2000
Número de Páginas: 336
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
Formato: 12.80 x 19.40 cm.
por R$ 48,30