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A war for your money is raging and it is time to fight back! In a book that will forever change how you spend your hard earned money, America’s favorite financial coach, David Bach, shows you how to save thousands of dollars every year by taking on the "corporate machines." In these times when every dollar counts, big businesses are using dishonest tricks to rip you off, making themselves billions while they keep you living paycheck to paycheck. David Bach knows that until you learn to fight for your money, you will overpay for almost everything you buy. In Fight for Your Money, he gives you the tools to Fight Back and Win. Bach shows you how every dollar you spend is really a battle between you and the businesses - and the government - who want to take it as profit. When you know how the system is rigged - the extra points, the hidden fees, the late charges, the unused tax breaks, the escalating rates - you can fight back against the pickpockets and save literally thousands every year - money in your pocket that can help you live your dreams. 'Fight for Your Money' shows how you are being taken on your cell phone contract, cable bill, car purchase, credit card, life insurance, healthcare, 401(k) plan, airfare, hotel bills, and much more. Bach gives you all the tools you need to fight back, with websites, phone numbers, sample letters and real-life stories of ordinary people who have fought for their money and won.
ISBN: 0767929845
ISBN13: 9780767929844
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2009
Número de Páginas: 448
Acabamento: HARDCOVER
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