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Hillsides blanketed with vineyards, silver-green olive groves, and enchanting medieval towns are the essence of Tuscany and Umbria. Throw in fantastic food, delicious wine, and the world's greatest Renaissance art, and you've got the makings of a trip to remember forever. Fodor’s Florence, Tuscany & Umbria brings the destination to life, with the abundant photos, in-depth features, and reader feedback that are the hallmark of a new generation of guides. - Magazine-like "In Focus" features, laced with photos and graphics include topics such as Tuscany's soul food, the do's and don’ts of vineyard hopping, and a Who's Who of the geniuses behind Florence’s art treasures - New chapter openings include annotated maps and "Planner Pages" withsavvy advice on how travelers can make the most of their time and avoid common pitfalls - Interviews with interesting locals let readers get to know the people in a way that no other guidebook does - Additional maps including a full-color pullout maps give the lay of the land - An 8-page color insert
Editora: FODOR'S
ISBN: 1400017424
ISBN13: 9781400017423
Edição: 8ª Edição - 2007
Número de Páginas: 480
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
por R$ 65,80