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Frida Kahlo, the writer? In this new expanded edition of the painter's writings, art critic Raquel Tibol gathers letters, poems, notes, protests, confessions, brief messages and longer texts written by Kahlo to her friends, her lovers and others. Inher writings, Kahlo employs, in Tibol's words, an 'unreserved, imaginative language, heart and intimacy laid bare', that reveals her taste for neologisms, colloquial turns and the crossing of linguistic boundaries. The freedom of her language is a path towards sincerity, the origin of Kahlo's pictorial universe, with its recurring motifs: the tramway accident that left the artist physically maimed at the age of 18; her anguished and demanding adolescent passion for Alejandro Gomez Arias; her complex and fascinating relationship with Diego Rivera; her illness as destiny; her political engagements; and her uncompromising quest for liberty. Here the reader will find Kahlo 'swinging back and forth between sincerity and manipulation, self-complacency and self-flagellation, with her insatiable need for affection, her erotic upheavals, her touches of humor, setting no limits for herself, with a capacity for self-analysis and a deep humility'. By gathering this material, until now scattered inarchives and various published sources, Tibol offers us a tacit autobiography and the placement of Frida within the intimate, confessional literature of the twentieth century in Mexico.
ISBN: 9685208468
ISBN13: 9789685208468
Edição: 2ª Edição - 2007
Número de Páginas: 400
Acabamento: HARDCOVER
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