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Frida Kahlo is one of the art world's most enigmatic figures. Beautiful, talented, tragic, and strong, she broke barriers as a woman and as an artist, and her story is irrestibly fascinating. This dynamically illustrated biography makes use of full-page reproductions, historical photographs, and the latest research to offer a balanced view of the artist and the impact her work has had in the decades since her death. The author introduces readers to the colorful world of Kahlo's Mexico; describes the misfortune that led to the emergence of her artistic sensibility; explores Kahlo's spiritual connection with her country's folk art and her forays into surrealism; and details her love affairs with intellectuals and other artists, specifically her soul mate Diego Rivero. A fascinating look at a brilliant artist, this volume will appeal to Kahlo's ardent fans, as well as create new ones.
ISBN: 3791337807
ISBN13: 9783791337807
Número de Páginas: 128
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