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Fuzzy sets are sets whose elements have degrees of membership. Fuzzy sets were introduced by Lot A. Zadehand Dieter Klaua in 1965 as an extension of the classical notion of set. Application of fuzzy set theory has rapidlyincreased with establishing its utility in numerous areas of the scienti c world. Any system consisting of vagueand ambiguous input variables may contribute to an ultimate e ect. Fuzzy Sets and Their Applications emphasizeson the applications of fuzzy technology in arti cial intelligence, computer science, control engineering,decision theory, expert systems, logic, management science, operations research, robotics, and others. In rstchapter, we constructively de ne a fractal multi-modal Kabbalistic L-fuzzy set as the central concept of the postmodernfuzzy set theory based on Kabbalah logic and semantics. Second chapter presents the rainfall predictionmodel improvement by fuzzy set theory. Third chapter presents occurrence of rainfall using principles offuzzy set theory and principles of reliability analysis. The purpose of fourth chapter is to present the use of fuzzylogic to improve the calculation of weighted average cost of capital (WACC). The fuzzy WACC approach not onlyallows the pretax cost of debt, the e ective tax rate, the tax bene t, and cost of equity to be treated as fuzzynumbers, it also o ers ranking means to nd the optimal debt ratio. This chapter contributes to the literature byo ering alternative methods to calculate the WACC and the optimal debt ratio for rms under uncertainty.Fourth chapter thus sheds light on capital structure decision making. The concept of a fuzzy topology on a fuzzyset has been introduced in fth chapter. Sixth chapter presents a novel multiple attribute decision-making(MADM) approach for the problem with completely unknown attribute weights in the framework of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IVIFS). Seventh chapter proposes a ranking method that considers the riskpreferences of dec
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