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Returning from Mexico after cracking a squalid heroin ring, Bond is only too happy to stay at a Miami hotel and figure out how Auric Goldfinger is cheating at Canasta. It seems that the Bank of England are interested in him too, and charge 007 to discover what the richest man in England is doing with the vast quantities of gold he has acquired - and what his connection is with SMERSH, the Soviet spy-killing organization. Up against Goldfinger and his henchman Oddjob - a bowler-hatted thug with a Black Belt in Karate - Bond soon finds that this criminal genius’s schemes are greater, and more lethal, than anyone could have imagined.
ISBN: 0141187522
ISBN13: 9780141187525
Número de Páginas: 272
Formato: 12.90 x 19.80 cm.
por R$ 39,70