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Hardware and Computer Organization is a practical, introductory book covering the architecture of modern microprocessors. It is designed to take practicing professionals 'under the hood" of a PC and provide them with an understanding of the basics of the complex machine that has become such a pervasive part of our everyday life. The book is divided into three major sections: Hardware Fundamentals and Digital Design; Assembly Language Programming; and Computer Architecture. The book covers the basic theories and concepts of how hardware and software cooperatively interact to accomplish real-world tasks. It begins with a discussion of hardware and computer fundamentals, and then moves on to cover complex systems. The very important area of memory and its organization is covered in detail. Finally, the book looks at computers from a macro point of view, with performance issues, as well as pipelines, caches, and virtual memory are discussed.
Editora: NEWNES
ISBN: 0750678860
ISBN13: 9780750678865
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2005
Número de Páginas: 512
Acabamento: HARDCOVER
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