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Now available in paperback, this is the latest title in a successful series of strikingly designed, collectable books offering a closer look at the rich variety of styles, decoration, motifs and patterns and the sheer craftsmanship of world cultures. This beautiful book offers a striking and unusual view of a wide array of Indian art. It highlights close up and in colour outstanding examples of design, workmanship and craft in dramatic sculptures of metal, stone and wood as well as sumptuous paintings and textiles. The book opens with an introduction asking What is Indian art? This is followed by a series of chapters showing how the functions and purposes of each object reflect its cultural context and determine the choice of image. By illustrating the complete artifact as well as exceptional features through the use of enlarged details sometimes virtually invisible to the naked eye intriguing insights and unusual comparisons can be made. The selection of details evokes the hand and eye of the most accomplished Indian craftsmen over thousands of years. Ideal as a souvenir or introduction to any museum or gallery visit, this book will also provide endless creative inspiration.
ISBN: 9780714124865
ISBN13: 9780714124865
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2015
Número de Páginas: 144
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
por R$ 73,07