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It has been called everything from the new gold standard to the fundamental building block of the universe. No matter where we live or what we do for a living, it is ever present in our lives, and many of us are barraged with it daily. Yet few of us know how to distinguish information from mere data, worthwhile communication, or real knowledge--in short, few of us know how to make sense of it. In 'InfoSense', noted mathematician and popular science writer Keith Devlin shows how to make sense of the constant flow of information that swirls past us daily. What is crucial, Devlin points out, is to understand the differences between data, information, and knowledge. By exploring the nature of each, and describing what distinguishes them from one another, he shows how businesses and individuals alike can benefit from better information management. Using clear, non-technical language, simple diagrams, and many real-life examples, Devlin explains: Why people can beat computers--Armed with information, computers can be fast; but by operating with knowledge, people can sometimes be faster and more adaptable to changing circumstances. Why culture is the key--Compared with changing the way people are used to working together, teaching specific expertise is relatively easy. The hidden rules of conversation--Make your point more effectively by understanding the logical rules that govern conversation. How to conduct a successful meeting--Learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls of business meetings (or, why two heads can be better than three or four).As information becomes the single most valuable asset in many industries, the key to success lies in our ability to manage that information. With InfoSense, Keith Devlin offers an easy and accessible way to learn not only how to manage it but also to use it to live and work successfully in the Knowledge Age.
Editora: W. H. FREEMAN
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ISBN13: 9780716741640
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2001
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