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Ours is the era of the celebrity chef. Like never before, we’re fascinated by fine food and the personalities who create it. Newspapers follow the antics of our favorite cooks both in and out of the kitchen, bake-offs of all kinds become hit TV shows, and chef-owned restaurants have lines trailing around the block. Amid this media frenzy, the world of fine dining can feel removed from our lives. Inside Chefs’ Fridges brings the heavenly cuisine back down to earth. Touring the European Continent, it profiles 40 of Europe’s top chefs alongside their personal home fridges. The result is a revelation, through images and words, of the inner sanctum of culinary creativity, with each chef revealing their dependable fridge contents, their favorite local ingredients, as well as two of their most treasured home recipes.
Editora: TASCHEN
ISBN: 3836553538
ISBN13: 9783836553537
Número de Páginas: 328
Acabamento: HARDCOVER
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