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"Introduction to Optimum Design" is intended for use in a first course on engineering design and optimization. Virtually any problem for which specific parameters need to be determined to satisfy constraints can be formulated as a design optimization problem. The concepts and methods described in the text are quite general and applicable to all such formulations. In as much, the range of application of the optimum design methodology is almost limitless, constrained only by the imagination and ingenuity of the user. Throughout the text, simple design problems involving two to three design variables and three to four constraints are solved in detail to illustrate fundamental concepts and basic ideas. The necessary results from optimization theory are stated and their implications are studied through application to engineering design problems. Theory and concepts of optimum design are explained only through examples and simple engineering applications. Several of the numerical proceduresand concepts described in the text are useful in many other engineering courses and applications. This book allows engineers involved in the design process to adapt optimum design concepts in their work using the material in the text. Basic conceptsof optimality conditions and numerical methods are described with simple examples, making the material high teachable and learnable. It is classroom-tested for many years to attain optimum pedagogical effectiveness.
ISBN: 9780120641550
ISBN13: 9780120641550
Edição: 2ª Edição - 2004
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