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From his groundbreaking book 'Speech Acts' to his most recent studies of consciousness, freedom and rationality John Searle has been a dominant and highly influential figure amongst contemporary philosophers. This systematic introduction to the fullrange of Searle’s work begins with the theory of speech acts and proceeds with expositions of Searle’s writings on intentionality, consciousness and perception, as well as a careful presentation of the so-called Chinese Room argument. The volume considers Searle’s recent work on social ontology and his views on the nature of law and obligation. It concludes with an appraisal of Searle's spirited defence of truth and scientific method in the face of the criticisms of Derrida and other postmodernists. This is a comprehensive introduction to Searle’s work, and as such it will be of particular value to advanced undergraduates, graduates and professionals in philosophy, psychology, linguistics, cognitive and computer science and literary theory.
ISBN: 0521797047
ISBN13: 9780521797047
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2003
Número de Páginas: 304
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
Formato: 15.40 x 22.60 cm.
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