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'Leonardo da Vinci' - Daniel Arasse's award winning study of "Leonardo da Vinci" overturns preconceived ideas that can stand in the way of a true appreciation of the work of this celebrated genius. Because the obligation to admire, even venerate can interfere with our understanding, Arasse approaches Leonardo from an entirely new perspective. Supported by a vast range of illustrations, including a number of little known works, and a profound investigation into the artist's notebooks, the author demonstrates how Leonardo's beliefs; how his Promethean curiosity and his acute visual sensitivity guided his explorations in art and nature.
Editora: W. S. KONECKY
ISBN: 1568521987
ISBN13: 9781568521985
Edição: 1ª Edição - 1998
Número de Páginas: 560
Acabamento: HARDCOVER