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The text Library Development guides and develops public library network services through leadershipand consultation in technology, training, marketing, funding, resource sharing, research and planning.It clari es the future role and signi cance of the library and to associate the library more closely as acentral actor within the regions and as part of the robust provincial areas. First chapter focuses onestablishment and application of cryptographic library model. The aim of second chapter is to de neusers as customers and develop a conceptual framework from a customer relationship management(CRM) perspective. The purpose of third chapter is to implement integrated lean six sigma for softwareapplication support services and evaluate the bene ts of continual service improvement over ITIL.Fourth chapter aims to delineate the e ectiveness and potential of delivering library services by thepreferred means of communication of a new generation of students and teachers. Fifth chapter highlightsthree crucial characteristics of digital libraries: document, technology and work (which involveresearch and service). The purpose of sixth chapter is to investigate the signi cance of public librariesas educational institutions. Seventh chapter reports on quantitative and qualitative research into theuse being made of the Internet facilities at Chester Library between August 1998 and May 1999. Thedevelopment of public libraries in India has been focused in eighth chapter. The purpose of ninthchapter is to ascertain academic librarians’ perception and attitude towards marketing of libraryservices in Delta State, Nigeria. The role of library in educational development has been discussed intenth chapter. The function of the library has been described in eleventh chapter. Twelfth chapterpresents a holistic view of the new digital library scene including user studies for digital library development.Thirteenth chapter deals with the development of an educational digital
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