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Libraries play a fundamental role in our society. They are the collectors and stewards of our heritage; they are organizers of the knowledge in the books they collect and adding value by cataloguing, classifying and describing them; and, as public institutions, they assure equality of access for all citizens. The educational role of the library is a crucial one for the future, not only because of the etymological roots of ‘information’ in instruction and education. Furthermore this role cannot be seen only in regard to e-learning. Libraries and librarians, with their core competencies, especially in providing advice and curation, are important partners in the creation of better learning environments. They take the knowledge of the past and present, and lay it down for the future. In the modern world, information has the power to transform the lives of people and nations. National development is influenced by the amount of available information. Library, Information and Society investigates various aspects of this subject, such as a society, living standards, patterns of work and leisure, the education system and the marketplace. First chapter identifies the role of library and information science (LIS) education in the development of community health information services. Second chapter highlights the current transition of performance models into a more holistic performance management, clarifying that diverse uses and components of performance are strongly linked to information science dynamics. Third chapter quantitatively and qualitatively examine the challenges facing Armenian research libraries just over twenty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Fourth chapter gives an overview of the close connection between learning and the university library today and in the future. Fifth chapter aims to delineate the effectiveness and potential of delivering library services by the preferred means of communication of a new generation of students and teachers. Sixt
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