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Computers have changed not just the way we work but the way we love. Falling in and out of love, flirting, cheating, even having sex online have all become part of the modern way of living and loving. Yet we know very little about these new types of relationship. How is an online affair where the two people involved may never see or meet each other different from an affair in the real world? Is online sex still cheating on your partner? Why do people tell complete strangers their most intimate secrets? What are the rules of engagement? Will online affairs change the monogamous nature of romantic relationships? These are just some of the questions Professor Aaron Ben Ze’ev, distinguished writer and academic, addresses in the first full length study of Love Online. Accessible, shocking, entertaining, enlightening, this book will change the way you look at cyberspace and love forever.
ISBN: 0521832969
ISBN13: 9780521832960
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2004
Número de Páginas: 302
Acabamento: HARDCOVER
Formato: 15.00 x 22.60 cm.
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