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Over the last century, medicine has come out of the "black bag" and emerged as one of the most dynamic and advanced fields of development in science and technology. Today, biomedical engineering plays a critical role in patient diagnosis, care, and rehabilitation. More than ever, biomedical engineers face the challenge of making sure that medical devices and systems are safe, effective, and cost-efficient. Reflecting the enormous growth and change in biomedical engineering during the infancy ofthe 21st century, "The Biomedical Engineering Handbook" enters its third edition as a set of three carefully focused and conveniently organized books. Offering an overview of the tools of the biomedical engineering trade, "Medical Devices and Systems" reviews the currently available technologies and lays a foundation for the next generation of medical devices. Beginning with biomedical signal analysis, renowned experts from around the world share their experience in imaging, sensing technologies, medical instruments and devices, clinical engineering, and ethics. In addition to new and updated chapters throughout, the book also contains new sections on infrared imaging and medical informatics. Engineers must be prepared to develop technologies that are more than incremental improvements over existing devices and systems. "Medical Devices and Systems" illuminates a path to achieving remarkable breakthroughs.
ISBN: 0849321220
ISBN13: 9780849321221
Edição: 3ª Edição - 2006
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Acabamento: HARDCOVER