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This new text covers the nursing care of medical-surgical patients LPN/LVN nurses need to know to practice. Organized by body systems, each chapter is divided into two primary units—an overview of A&P and a discussion of problems and diagnostic tests common to disorders in that system. Includes the latest content on emergency and disaster management, including bioterrorism, trauma, and shock, plus an entire unit on mental health nursing.ESL (English as a Second Language) considerations are throughout the textbook and Student Learning Guide, improving readability and enhancing comprehension for ESL and students with limited proficiency in English.Each body system chapter begins with an Overview of Anatomy and Physiology and continues with a discussion of diagnostic tests, and problems common to disorders in that system with usual nursing interventions.Five-Step Nursing Process provides consistent framework for disorders chapters.Focused Assessment boxes for each body system include information on history taking and psychosocial assessment, physical assessment, and guidance on how to collect data/information for specific disorders.NCLEX-PN® examination-style review questions at the end of each chapter include alternate-format questions and help familiarize you with the exam.Unit on Mental Health Nursing includes information on disorders of anxiety and mood, cognitive disorders, thought and personality disorders, and substance abuse.Assignment Considerations address situations in which the RN delegates tasks to the LPN/LVN or when the LPN/LVN assigns tasks to nurse assistants, patient caretechs, and other unlicensed assistive personnel per the individual state nurse practice act. Evidence-based practice is emphasized throughout with a special EB icon to highlight research relevant to nursing practice and patient teaching.Legal and Ethical Considerations boxes focus on specific disorder-related issues.
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Edição: 1ª Edição - 2008
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