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Here is a book that actually fills the gap between theory and application. Mining engineering students studying mine design and needing guidance in assembling a mine-design project will refer to this book over and over again. It is useful for industry professionals who require a mine-design reference book for daily use or, who wish to prepare for the professional engineers' examination. Chapters include:Introduction,Mine Preplanning,Ventilation,Strata Control,Pumping and Drainage,Power Systems,Hoisting Systems,Rail and Belt Haulage Systems,Rubber-Tired Haulage Systems, andSurface Extraction. It is fully indexed.
Editora: SME
ISBN: 0873352211
ISBN13: 9780873352215
Edição: 2ª Edição - 2003
Número de Páginas: 313
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
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