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A nanowire is a wire of dimensions of the order of a nanometer. Alternatively, nanowires can be defined as structures that have a lateral size constrained to tens of nanometers or less and an unconstrained longitudinal size. The book Nanowires Recent Advances is intended to provide an updated review on the applications of various nanowires and the associated advancements in synthesis and properties characterization. Recent advances in mechanical properties of nanowires have been discussed in first chapter. The synthesis and study of charge transfer in hybrid nanowires has been proposed in second chapter. The fabrication and advanced characterization of chemically etched silicon nanowire solar cells have been focused in third chapter. In fourth chapter, we present metal-oxide nanowires for gas sensors. Fifth chapter discusses on copper oxide core-shell nanowires through ethyl alcohol. In sixth chapter, we deal with magnetoresistance of nanowires electrodeposited into anodized aluminum oxide nanochannels. We focus on the synthesis, characterizations and PEC performances of TiO2 NFSs in seventh chapter. In eighth chapter, we present a detailed framework on gate-all-around nanowires and multi-gate FinFETs which will include process and device design and characterization, simulation, and low-frequency noise and tunneling spectroscopy analyses. The concept of hybrid silicon nanowires has been described in ninth chapter. The synthesis, property manipulations, and device applications of III–V nanowires have been focused in tenth chapter. The effect of surface-modified paclitaxel nanowires on U937 cells has been discussed in eleventh chapter. The synthesis of highly aligned cupric oxide nanowires by heating copper foil has been proposed in twelfth chapter. The photovoltaic and impedance properties of hierarchical TIO2 nanowire has been described in thirteenth chapter. Fourteenth chapter reviews recent advances in heterogeneous photocatalytic decolorization for the removal of
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