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Designers, photographers, and fashion editors all agree that the street is the cauldron of fashion inspiration. The clothes, the accessories, and the looks developed by (particularly young) people in different cities today is both an inspiration to the mainstream fashion world, and a phenomenon distinct to their environment. The book will be divided into five chapters, one chapter for each city (New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo Melbourne and Copenhagen). Each city chapter will begin with an introduction explaining the city's particular brew of geography, culture, and fashion. Then, a series of photographs of stylish young people in each city will follow. Each subject will respond to a series of questions (name, age, occupation, meaning of their look, and so on). The photographs are taken on-site, by Nylon's own photographers. The book will juxtapose the different looks of each city, in an exciting but timeless documentary style.
Editora: UNIVERSE PUBLISHING (rizzoli)
ISBN: 0789315017
ISBN13: 9780789315014
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2006
Número de Páginas: 255
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
por R$ 92,60