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Outsourcing is a $6 trillion global industry, and one of the most-discussed topics in business today. It also is one of very few business tools available to managers with the power to fundamentally transform their organizations. When implemented on a global scale, outsourcing enables companies to simultaneously reengineer existing operations, create a more flexible and adaptable organizational structure, and tap the best minds in the world to unleash an innovation explosion. Whether you're an executive considering outsourcing, work for a company that provides those services, or are concerned about your own career in this new outsourced economy, 'The Outsourcing Revolution - Why it Makes Sense and How to do it Right' will help you better understand what is happening, what is likely to happen in the future, why, and how to take advantage of the opportunities being created.'The Outsourcing Revolution; Why it Makes Sense and How to do it Right' is written for everyone affected by the new outsourced economy especially executives and managers in organizations of all sizes who want to learn how outsourcing can improve their company's performance. Corbett has combined his decade-plus experience with outsourcing and globalization into a single, executable, management system. Experts agree that we are just at the dawn of outsourcing. Over the next decade, as much as 70 percent of a typical executive's budget will be outsourced, as it already is in manufacturing. This means that before too long, most organizations are going to be far more outsourced than they are in-sourced. Outsourcing authority Michael F. Corbett believes that the practice helps build better businesses, stronger economies, and a more prosperous way of life for everyone and his book shows how to do it right.
Editora: KAPLAN
ISBN: 0793192145
ISBN13: 9780793192144
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2004
Número de Páginas: 244
Acabamento: HARDCOVER
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