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Plant ecology is a sub discipline of ecology which studies the distribution and abundance of plants, the effects of environmental factors upon the abundance of plants, and the interactions among and between plants and other organisms. The text Plant Ecology covers the fundamentals of plant ecology from the molecular to the global level. First chapter discusses plant traits which demonstrate the temperate and tropical giant eucalypt forests. In second chapter, we deal with ecological stoichiometry and density responses of plant-arthropod communities on cormorant nesting islands. Third chapter investigates behavioral differences, genetic differentiation, and gene flow between samples of C. melanoneura collected from the two different host plants. Determinants of plant community assembly in a mosaic of landscape units in central Amazonia have been described in fourth chapter. In fifth chapter, we test the hypothesis that a parasitoid population is able to reproduce in syconia of more than one Ficus species. The objective of sixth chapter is to review the importance of deadwood for sustainable forest management. Seventh chapter discusses the quantitative defense traits of forest litter, their effects on litter decomposition and ecosystem functioning. Restoration of forest ecosystems on disturbed lands on the northern forest distribution border has been described in eighth chapter. The objectives of ninth chapter are to test the effect of environmental gradients, crop plants and time on weed species composition, to rank the importance of these particular factors. In tenth chapter, we describe the impacts of clear-felling and gradual approaches on the ground flora of 39 PAW sites undergoing restoration across Britain. The goal of eleventh chapter is to provide a synthesis of knowledge on the diversity of a group of organisms, such as flowering plants. The aim of twelfth chapter is to describe the floristic composition and vegetation types, as well as determine the effect
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