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Have you ever wanted to soar through the air like an eagle? Thanks to the hobby of RC quadcopters and drones, you can. This book shows you how to get up in the air and avoid all of the common problems that always result in your new drone falling from the sky. Over 100 pages of valuable information designed to get you up in the air and safely flying through the sky on your very first outing.Flying one of these awesome machines is tons of fun and flying successfully does not have to be difficult. Once you read this book, you will fully understand just how easy it is to pilot your very own high definition camera through the sky while snapping great pictures and capturing breathtaking video of the world below you.Crashing is very common in the world of drones, quadcopters, nanodrones, UAVS and multirotors and it is almost always the fault of the pilot. This book shows you how to slowly perfect your flying skills while reducing the all too common reasons these fun filled flying machines come falling from the sky like a lead balloon.Best selling author, Mark Smith provides great information to anyone interested in the awesome hobby of piloting a drone through the sky. He manages to answer all the common questions every novice has when they are thinking about getting started. From choosing the right drone, to getting it in the air and bringing it safely back home, Mark Smith covers these subjects and everything in between in an easy to understand way.While this drone book may be geared towards the novice hobby pilot, there are plenty of great tips that even experienced pilots can pick up.Real life pictures describe in detail the easiest ways to get your new drone in the air and the safest way to make sure it lands in one piece.Learn how to safely fly your drone by: understanding common drone and RC flying terminology, understanding which drone is the best choice for you and where you should start flying it, understanding what makes your drone fly, other equipment you will need to not only safely fly but extend your flying time, buying a ready to fly drone or building your own from scratch, what kind of spare parts you should have at all times, what to do when you crash, the rules and laws associated with flying a drone, preflight safety routines, understanding basic controls and flight maneuvers, understanding advanced controls and flight maneuvers, preventing crashes and how to get the best photos and videos using your new high definition flying machine and more.
ISBN: 1514708426
ISBN13: 9781514708422
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2015
Número de Páginas: 144
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
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