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The Satyricon is the most celebrated prose work to have survived from the ancient world. It can be described as the first realistic novel, the father of the picaresque genre. It recounts the sleazy progress of a pair of literate scholars as they wander through the cities of the southern Mediterranean in the age of Nero, encountering en route type-figures whom the author wishes to satirize. P.G. Walsh captures the spirit of the original in this new and lively translation. His introduction and detailed notes provide the reader with a comprehensive guide to the meanings and intentions of the story and the later history of its literary influence.
ISBN: 0452010055
ISBN13: 9780452010055
Edição: 1ª Edição - 1983
Número de Páginas: 192
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
Formato: 13.60 x 20.40 cm.
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