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This selection - published in the 130th anniversary year of Stevens’s birth - carries us from the explosion of Harmonium in 1923 to the maturity of The Auroras of Autumn in 1950 and the magesterial Collected Poems published by Knopf in 1954. To be drawn in once more by "The Emperor of Ice Cream," "Sunday Morning," "The Idea of Order at Key West," "Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction," to name only a few, is to experience anew the mystery of a poet who calls us to a higher music and to a deeper understanding of our vast and inarticulate interior world.
Editora: KNOPF
ISBN: 0307280470
ISBN13: 9780307280473
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2009
Número de Páginas: 352
Acabamento: HARDCOVER
por R$ 82,50