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In 'Software Creativity 2.0', author Robert L. Glass explores a critical, yet strangely neglected, question: What is the role of creativity in software engineering and computer programming? With his trademark easy-to-read style and practical approach, backed by research and personal experience, Glass takes on a wide range of related angles and implications. Glass's journey encompasses the concerns or programmers, designers, testers, managers, researchers, and professors, teams, organizations,and the industry at large. His deep understanding of the past informs his unique analysis of the present, and his insight gives us a view into possible futures. No mere theoretical discussion, 'Software Creativity 2.0' includes practical advice for how to 'make creativity happen' in a software organization or team, and includes concrete evidence of practices that have worked. 'Software Creativity 2.0' also features a new Foreword by Tom DeMarco, co-author of Peopleware and Waltzing With Bears, and a new Preface by author Robert L. Glass.
ISBN: 0977213315
ISBN13: 9780977213313
Edição: 1ª Edição - 2006
Número de Páginas: 484
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
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