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Think grammar is difficult? You just need someone to save you from it! The best learning tools for a young mind are word association, visual aids, and superpowers! In 'Super grammar', all of the major elements of grammar will be personified with superhero or super villain identities. You won't just learn about the part-of-speech called an adverb. Instead you'll meet the vibrant super heroine The Adverb, and you'll learn about her awesome ability to modify verbs and other adverbs. You won't simply be told that you shouldn't use a double negative in a sentence. Instead you'll actually meet the sinister twin brothers, Double Negative, and you'll learn how to avoid being tricked into falling for their double talk. The book's fun, full-color design looks like a mix between a reference book and a comic book. With 'Super grammar'you'll learn to save yourself!
ISBN: 0545425158
ISBN13: 9780545425155
Edição: 2012
Número de Páginas: 176
Acabamento: PAPERBACK
por R$ 37,67