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Understanding Psychrometrics serves as a lifetime reference manual and basic refresher course for those who use psychrometrics on a recurring basis and provides a four- to six-hour psychrometrics learning module to students; air-conditioning designers; agricultural, food process, and industrial process engineers; meteorologists; and others. New in the Third Edition Revised chapters for wet-bulb temperature and relative humidity and a revised Appendix V that includes a summary of ASHRAE Research Project RP-1485.New constants for the universal gas constant based on CODATA and a revised molar mass of dry air to account for the increase of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere.New IAPWS models for the calculation of water properties above and below freezing.New tables based on the ASHRAE RP-1485 real moist-air numerical model using the ASHRAE LibHuAirProp add-ins for Excel, MATLAB, Mathcad, and EES. Features: Includes Access to Bonus Materials and Sample Software: PDF files of 13 ultra-high-pressure and 12 existing ASHRAE psychrometric charts plus three new 0ºC to 400ºC charts. A limited demonstration version of the ASHRAE LibHuAirProp add-in that allows users to duplicate portions of the real moist-air psychrometric tables in the ASHRAE Handbook Fundamentals for both standard sea level atmospheric pressure and pressures from 5 to 10,000 kPa. The hw.exe program from the second edition, included to enable users to compare the 2009 ASHRAE numerical model real moist-air psychrometric properties with the 1983 ASHRAE-Hyland-Wexler properties. Benefit to the Customer: Multipurpose, go-to resource for students
Editora: ASHRAE
ISBN: 1936504316
ISBN13: 9781936504312
Edição: 3ª Edição - 2013
Número de Páginas: 402
Acabamento: HARDCOVER
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