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Written by an international authority on environmental microbiology and virology, Wastewater Microbiology, Second Edition is an invaluable reference tool that provides readers with concise, up-to-date coverage of microbiological developments and public health aspects in the field of wastewater treatment.This new edition supplies readers with a basic background in microbiology, metabolism, and ecology and uses the principles and recent discoveries in engineering and microbiology to examine the practical issues of treatment, disinfection, and remediation.Complete with new figures and tables, as well as color photographs shot using rRNA probes, this updated edition covers topics that include: * Recent trends in wastewater microbiology and genetic tools used in the detection of parasites and pathogens, including biotechnological applications for treatment plants. * The emergence of new pathogens in water and the microbiology of drinking water. * The disposal of biosolids and wastewater inwetlands and receiving waters. * The new methodology revealing the heterogeneous structure of biofilms and their complex biodiversity. * Updated information on pollution control biotechnology.An authoritative guide for all researchers, administrators, and engineers in the field of microbiology, Wastewater Microbiology, Second Edition is also an essential reference for civil engineers, public health officials, and students involved in environmental sciences.
ISBN: 0471320471
ISBN13: 9780471320470
Edição: 2ª Edição - 1999
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Acabamento: HARDCOVER