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William Stallings gives an up-to-date coverage of both wireless communications and wireless networks with new expanded coverage of Wi-Fi and WiMax. Designed for students and professionals, this text explores the key networking topics with a unique approach covering: technology and architecture, network design approaches, and types of networks and applications. Features: Provides an entire chapter on spread spectrum, which is pervasive in wireless technology today; Also provides an entire chapter on satellite communications; This topic remains an important area within wireless communications; Thorough coverage of cordless systems; This is an interesting and important new area that extends the traditional cordless telephone technology over greater distances and for greater numbers of users; Extensive coverage of fixed wireless access, also known as wireless local loop, and IEEE 802.16 standards. This has become a very important area for bringing high-speed access to subscribers in place of land lines. Devotes a whole chapter on Mobile IP Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Wireless Internet and Web access are driving forces in the evolution of wireless technology and are a must have. Complete coverage of Wireless LANs, including IEEE 802.11 and Bluetooth. This is a broad and important area, and the book devotes three chapters to this realm.
ISBN: 0131918354
ISBN13: 9780131918351
Edição: 2ª Edição - 2005
Número de Páginas: 360
Acabamento: HARDCOVER
Formato: 19.00 x 23.00 cm.
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