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    Gyasi sometimes reminds me of other writers who've addressed the immigrant experience in America -- Jhumpa Lahiri and Yiyun Li in particular....As in the work of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie or the Ghanaian-American short-story writer Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah, the African immigrants in this novel exist at a certain remove from American racism, victims but also outsiders, marveling at the peculiar blindnesses of the locals...brilliant... Transcendent Kingdom trades the blazing brilliance of Homegoing for another type of glory, more granular and difficult to name.
    --Nell Freudenberger, The New York Times Book Review

    "The novel is full of brilliantly revealing moments, sometimes funny, often poignant....[Gifty is] provokingly vital."
    --James Wood, The New Yorker
    Laser-like... A powerful, wholly unsentimental novel about family love, loss, belonging and belief that is more focused but just as daring as its predecessor, and to my mind even more successful... [Transcendent Kingdom] is burningly dedicated to the question of meaning... The pressure created gives her novel a hard, beautiful, diamantine luster."
    --Sam Sacks, The Wall Street Journal
    A book of blazing brilliance... of profound scientific and spiritual reflection that recalls the works of Richard Powers and Marilynne Robinson... A double helix of wisdom and rage twists through the quiet lines...Thank God, we have this remarkable novel.
    --Ron Charles, The Washington Post
    A stealthily devastating novel of family, faith and identity that's as philosophical as it is personal... It's bravura storytelling by Gyasi, so different in scope, tone and style from her 2016 debut Homegoing. That, too, was brilliant literature, as expansive as Transcendent Kingdom is interior...The range Gyasi displays in just two books is staggering.
    --USA Today
    "Elegant... burrows into the philosophical, exploring with complexity what it might mean for us to live without firm answers to the mysteries that wound us... The measured restraint of Gyasi's prose makes the story's challenging questions all the more potent.
    --The San Francisco Chronicle
    Poised to be the literary event of the fall.
    --Entertainment Weekly
    I would say that Transcendent Kingdom is a novel for our time (and it is) but it is so much more than that. It is a novel for all times. The splendor and heart and insight and brilliance contained in the pages holds up a light the rest of us can follow.
    --Ann Patchett
    Absolutely transcendent. A gorgeously woven narrative about a woman trying to survive the grief of a brother lost to addiction and a mother trapped in depression while pursuing her ambitions. Not a word or idea out of place. Completely different from Homegoing. THE RANGE. I am quite angry this is so good.
    --Roxane Gay
    [Transcendent Kingdom] will stay with you long after you've finished it.
    --Real Simple
    Meticulous, psychologically complex...At once a vivid evocation of the immigrant experience and a sharp delineation of an individual's inner struggle, the novel brilliantly succeeds on both counts.
    --Publishers Weekly [starred review]
    Gyasi's wise second novel pivots toward intimacy... In precise prose, Gyasi creates an ache of recognition, especially for readers knowledgeable about the wreckage of addiction. Still, she leavens this nonlinear novel with sly humor... The author is astute about childhood grandiosity and a pious girl's deep desire to be good; she conveys in brief strokes the notched, nodding hook of heroin's oblivion...final chapter that gives readers a taste of hard-won deliverance.
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