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    Over 100 recipes to build your own fun and exciting iOS applications with this book and ebook.
    - Learn how to go about developing some simple, yet powerful applications with ease using recipes and example code
    - Teaches how to use the features of iOS 6 to integrate Facebook, Twitter, iCloud, and Airplay into your applications
    - Lots of step-by-step recipe examples with ample screenshots right through to application deployment to the Apple App Store to get you up to speed in no time, with helpful hints along the way
    In Detail
    The release of iOS 6 comes packed with over 1,500 new APIs and 200 new features. Xcode 4 Cookbook will teach youhow to integrate iCloud storage and how to go about using the Facebook and OpenGraphi APIs, as well as providing you with practical step-by-step recipes covering User Interfaces, data management, multimedia, localisation services and maps, right through to application deployment to the Apple App Store. You will soon be mastering the technology and the skills needed to create some amazing applications.
    "Xcode 4 Cookbook" will help you learn how to build some powerful applications using iOS 6 and the various frameworks. You will soon master how to incorporate iCloud, Facebook, and the OpenGraph APIs and apply various image filters and transitions using Core Image integration within your applications. By using the book's step-by-step approach, you will soon master the technology and the skills needed to create some amazing applications.
    "Xcode 4 Cookbook" provides you with the skills and knowledge and practical recipes on how to go about developing useful applications that can be used within the industry.
    You will start by learning how to go about downloading and installing the Xcode Development Tools, learn about Interface Builder to create the visual user interfaces, connecting the objects using Outlets and Actions, and learn how to compile/debug your applications.
    Finally, you will learn how to capture media with the iOS camera and play back video content using Airplay to wirelessly stream videos to an Apple TV device, using the AV Foundation framework, as well as using the Core Image and Core Graphics frameworks to create amazing image effects using the built-in features.
    What you will learn from this book
    - Download and install the Xcode 4 iOS 6 Developer Tools
    - Build user interfaces using Interface Builder
    - Discover the Core Image and Core Graphics Frameworks and the built-in image filters
    - Use Instruments to make sure your applications are running smoothly
    - Explore the Core Location and MapKit frameworks to display the current user's location and to apply the geocoding of address information
    - Master iCloud Storage APIs to upload and download content, as well as how to go about handling file-conflicts
    - Integrate the Facebook, OpenGraph, and Facebook Query Language (FQL) APIs into your applications
    - Deploy your applications to the Apple App Store
    This is a Cookbook with easy-to-follow recipes containing practical and detailed examples which are all fully backed up with code, illustrations, and tips.
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